Inspirational Motivational Fine Art Posters

Inspirational Motivational Art Posters Fine Art Posters

Fine Art Posters at Work!

Three in five employees feel that if their organizations invested in buying pieces of art or music for the workplace, then their productivity would increase, according to a new survey.

The Art and Business (A&B)/ICM poll of 1025 adults across the UK suggests that 60% of employees feel that (60%) music or art (perhaps quality fine art posters) in the workplace would prove both motivational and inspirational.

Nearly three-quarters (73%) of respondents -- who either worked full-time or part-time -- said that they would like to see art in their workplace, however, only 48% said that their employer invested in workplace art. Why not consider fine art posters?

With 91% of British workers feeling that their working environment is important, more businesses need to involve art in the workplace and see how this can encourage employee creativity and innovation, said A&B head Colin Tweedy.

Employees who considered themselves to be working for a very successful company were much more likely to have art on the wall (52%) than those who were working for what they saw as unsuccessful companies (23%), again appearing as if art affects motivation.

It seems that fine art posters could be a wise and economical way to bring art into the workplace, while communicating beneficial messages.

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